Three Benefits From Installing Strip Curtains

Maintaining privacy and clearly defining work areas is essential for any business. Even so, there may be times when putting up a door isn’t practical. Strip curtains could be the answer and provide numerous advantages, including the following.

Energy Savings

Depending on your industry, some areas of your building may be significantly hotter or colder than others. For example, if you operate freezers, you already know that the space surrounding them will always be cooler. Unfortunately, this cold air can spread to other parts of your facility, making them harder to heat. Strip curtains can help contain excessive temperatures, so they do not overly burden your heating and cooling system.

Allows for Easy Movement

Do your workers need to move about throughout their shifts? If so, continually opening and closing a door can be a hassle. This is especially true when operating a forklift, as employees would have to get on and off of it to do so. Going from one location to another won’t be a problem when you have strip curtains installed because individuals can walk or drive right through them as needed.

They Provide Privacy

PVC strips can keep prying eyes from scoping out areas they shouldn’t view. A few of these places include your loading dock and backroom storage area. Accordingly, they can also prevent theft. At the same time, your employees will feel more comfortable because they won’t think that outsiders are continually looking over their shoulders.

In addition to these benefits, strip curtains are very affordable and easy to maintain. They are suitable for several applications and can be used in many types of businesses. To find out if PVC strip curtains are right for your establishment, please contact us here at Missouri Door and Dock.