Loading Dock Bumpers

Missouri Door and Dock specializes in loading dock bumper repair, maintenance, service and installation in the greater St. Louis area. We are accredited dealers for the products we carry and have trained technicians available to help you with any loading dock needs that you may have. Loading dock bumpers are another consideration when designing a functional dock system. There are several types of bumpers on the market to choose from. These bumpers should be a minimum thickness of 102 mm or 4 inches for typical applications additional thickness may be required. Dock bumpers are constructed of laminated rubber or molded rubber for normal applications. However docks that will be used with high frequency or high impact applications dock bumpers with a steel face plate should be utilized. The steel face prevents the rubber from wearing and chunking out. These bumpers with a steel face plate are very helpful on sites where jockey trucks are utilized for trailer positioning. Finally, for extreme situations a steel spring loading dock bumper is ideal as they provide a greater resistance to wear. For more information about which dock bumper is best for your application or a free quote please contact Missouri Door and Dock at

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