Edge of Dock Levelers (Mini Docks)

Missouri Door and Dock specializes in the repair, maintenance, service and installation of edge of dock levelers in the greater St. Louis area. We are accredited dealers for the products we carry and have trained technicians available to help you with any loading dock needs that you may have. Edge of docks levelers also known as mini docks or EODs are an alternative to conventional recessed loading docks. EOD levelers are typically mounted to the face of the loading dock and do not require a pit. EODs are a economical alternative to pit style levelers and dock plates and are safer and easier to use. There are limitations with edge of dock levelers when compared to conventional pit style dock levelers. One of the biggest limitations EODs have is they are not able to accommodate dock to trailer hight discrepancies much more than 2 inches which is a much smaller dimension when compared with conventional loading dock levelers. As with conventional loading dock levelers EODs can be actuated by either mechanical or electric/hydraulic mechanisms. Another thing to look at when considering EODs is that they do not easily accommodate manual hand pallet jacks. In the event there is even a small discrepancy in height between the trailer floor and dock floor height pallet jacks become difficult to use. For more information about which dock leveler is best for your application or a free quote please contact Missouri Door and Dock at 314-795-3184.

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