Loading Dock Services

Missouri Door and Dock specializes in loading dock repair, maintenance, service and installation in the greater St. Louis area. We are accredited dealers for the products we carry and have trained technicians available to help you with any loading dock needs that you may have. A dock leveler is designed to allow safe and efficient flow of goods in and out of a commercial or industrial building. A dock leveler must be designed to support extremely heavy loads as well as accommodate a wide range of truck’s. The two most common types of loading dock leveler’s are mechanical and hydraulic systems. This designation is referring to the activation method. Mechanical levelers utilize a spring and hold down mechanism for operation while hydraulic dock levelers use a combination of an electricity and hydraulics to perform their functions. Generally speaking, the initial cost of a mechanical dock leveler is less expensive but they typically require more maintenance and therefore have a larger long term operating cost. For more information about which dock leveler is best for your application or a free quote please contact Missouri Door and Dock at 314-795-3184.

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