Loading Dock Services

Missouri Door & Dock repairs and services commercial dock levelers, latches and dock seal equipment. Our Loading Dock Specialists are available 24 hours a day 7 days per week because we know your business doesn’t stop.

We pride ourselves on being one of the Premier Loading Dock Servicers throughout the St. Louis and St. Louis County Area as well as St. Charles, Lincoln and Jefferson Counties! We understand what it takes to make your dock work and have the parts and skilled technicians available and ready to get you back in business as soon as possible.

Here are just a few of our Loading Dock Services: 

  • All Makes and Models Repaired and Serviced
  • Load Levelers
  • Loading Dock Latches
  • Loading Dock Seals
  • 24 Hour Repair Service Available*
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Certification
  • Loading Dock Maintenance Program

If your business is dependent on dock equipment working all the time for deliveries and shipments you should consider a Missouri Door & Dock – preventative maintenance program custom for docks. Leave maintenance to our experts, we know what goes bad, we know what to look for.

Dock equipment is often not thought about and not kept up as well and in some cases stop production all together. Common problems are rodent infestation, dirt or debris buildup, misuse, hydraulic leaks, or wires getting frayed or chewed by rodents. Minimize your safety liability with a professional survey of your dock equipment. Lots of things can go wrong, our technicians have seen it all.

Missouri Door & Dock’s maintenance regularly inspect docks, latches and dock seals for functionality, integrity, and proper operation. For safety and liability purposes it’s very wise to have regular maintenance performed by our professionals to minimize risk of injury or breakdown. Over the long-run dock equipment lasts longer if properly serviced with regular maintenance and functional certification.

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