Vertical Storing Dock Levelers

Missouri Door and Dock specializes in the repair, maintenance, service and installation of vertical storing dock levelers in the greater St. Louis area. We are accredited dealers for the products we carry and have trained technicians available to help you with any loading dock needs that you may have. Vertical loading dock levelers are yet another option when considering a loading dock leveler for your commercial or industrial building. As the name implies vertical storing loading dock levelers are stored upright when not in use. When the leveler is to be used it is simply lowered on to the bed of the trailer. After the loading and unloading operation is complete the operator brings the leveler back to the stored vertical position. Vertical storing loading docks should have a dual locking system that utilizes an electric/hydraulic lock as well as a mechanical lock. A key advantage to this style of lever is that they are more hygienic than pit style levelers as it is easier to clean around. This can be an important consideration for food processing and for storage applications. Since the overhead door can be lowered onto the concrete it can do a better job of sealing of the building from the outside thereby reducing vermin and insects. They also reduce the time the overhead door must be open as the trailer can be backed into position while the door remains closed. Another advantage to this style of loading dock leveler is that it acts as a physical barrier to the dock door preventing damage to the door. For more information about which dock leveler is best for your application or a free quote please contact Missouri Door and Dock at 314-795-3184.

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