Cantilever gates are also a popular choice for securing residential and commercial properties in the greater St. Louis area. These gates allow the user to control the operations by use of the following push button, RFID tags and reader, loop detectors remote control and can be combined with other access controls systems as well. These gates extend and retract from one side to allow or deny access to the property. At Missouri Door and Dock we can help you with all of your cantilever gate needs. Give us a call today at 314.795.3184 to discuss your project.

Cantilever Gate Advantages:

Cantilever gates take up less space than other gate designs since they operate parallel with the fence line. Another key advantage of a cantilever gate as opposed to a swing gate is safety. Since the gate slides side to side instead of opening in an arc there is far less potential danger to people and vehicles. Another advantage to this design is it typically operates much better in the event of a significant snow accumulation.


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