Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Missouri Door and Dock specializes in the repair, maintenance, service and installation of hydraulic dock levelers in the greater St. Louis area. We are accredited dealers for the products we carry and have trained technicians available to help you with any loading dock needs that you may have. Hydraulic loading dock levelers are great solution for many commercial and industrial loading dock applications. Although hydraulic levelers cost more initially when compared to a mechanical loading dock leveler this cost is typically offset over the life of the unit as they require less maintenance to keep them working properly. This type of leveler typically shines in applications where the leveler is required to be subjected to heavy loads and high usage. Since hydraulic loading dock levelers are operated by pushing a constant pressure button many of the safety concerns of a mechanical loading dock leveler are eliminated. The user is no longer required to bend down and pull the chain in order to operate it and use their body weight to push and pull for operation. Hydraulic loading dock levelers utilize electricity and hydraulics to operate they can also be used in conjunction and interlocked with other equipment such as overhead doors, vehicle restraints, inflatable dock shelters and seals as well as other equipment on site. This also lessens the safety concerns for the user as there are fewer tasks that must be taken for them to attach or detach from a trailer or shipping container. This also makes sure that the leveler cannot be operated in an improper sequence by the user. For example if a hydraulic loading dock leveler is interlocked to a vehicle restraint system it will prevent the user from operating the leveler until the vehicle has been properly restrained again limiting the chance for a serious accident. It is understood that there are applications where this may not be possible a keyed override is provided allowing the leveler to be moved by qualified personnel that posses the key. Fallsafe protection is an important consideration also as it prevents forklifts, pallet jacks and material from rolling off the dock in the event a truck were to pull away while equipment was still parked on the loading dock leveler. This is accomplished by utilizing a velocity fuse which will lock the hydraulic cylinder thereby allowing the dock leveler to remain level instead of falling. Auto return is another important safety feature for hydraulic loading dock levelers as it automatically returns the dock leveler to the stored portion when a truck pulls away. This is important because a hydraulic leveler will lower if the cylinder is not under sufficient pressure to support the leveler if it is not equipped with this feature. This creates a safety concern as it creates a recess in the dock floor which can be a tripping hazard for workers and a tipping hazard for equipment that were to drive over the area. By utilizing auto return this risk is eliminated as the leveler will always return to the correct stored position which is level with the dock floor. As you can see there are numerous advantages to using hydraulic loading dock levelers. For more information about which dock leveler is best for your application or a free quote please contact Missouri Door and Dock at 314-795-3184.

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