3 Easy Garage Door Makeover Tips

Although it may be tempting to think that you need a new garage door right now, there are plenty of ways to breathe some life into your old one. A new garage door may be necessary at some point, but while your current garage door is still working, follow these three easy garage door makeover tips!

1. Gel Stain

Staining your garage door is a quick and extremely affordable way to spruce up your door. For just the cost of gel stain, a paint brush, and few other supplies, you can have the elegance and beauty of a wood stained garage door! Before applying the stain, make sure to clean your garage door with water first and let it dry completely.  If you have long term build up and dirt, using a power washer may be the best way to ensure that your door is completely clean.  Once your garage door is dry, lay down a drop cloth or some old newspapers to catch any stain that may fall on the concrete. Apply the stain evenly with a paint brush or roller, allow it to fully dry, and you’ve got yourself a new garage door!

2. Paint

Like staining, painting can make you feel like you just won the new door lottery, without paying the new door price. Painting a garage door can give you a wider range of colors to play with, though it may bring some challenges of its own. Just like using stain, you’ll need to clean your door first and allow it plenty of time to dry. Make sure that the paint you choose is compatible with your garage door material. Otherwise, you may end up with cracks, bubbles, or other unsightly problems later on down the road.

3. Decorative Decals

Adding decorative decals is one of the easiest ways to add visual interest and curb appeal to your home. Decals can include faux hinges, handles, and windows that are placed directly on to the door. For metal doors, it’s as easy as adding magnetic decals that can be placed on in 30 seconds! For the homeowner that’s interested in adding curb appeal without using any elbow grease, decorative decals are the way to go.

Hopefully you feel inspired and ready for a garage door makeover! When you need to replace or repair your garage door, contact us for a consultation.