Captain Obvious could tell you the first couple of reasons to get a new garage door: Namely, it no longer works properly or your garage has been struck by natural disaster.

Other reasons to replace your garage door aren’t as obvious, but they could be every bit as important, from curb appeal to family safety. And if you haven’t really thought about the garage door lately and it’s 15 years old, you’re in for a surprise, according to the experts at the This Old House blog. “Today’s doors are stronger, more secure and better insulated, and they require much less maintenance than their predecessors,” the blog said. “And you’ve never before had such a range of choice in materials, styles, colors and window treatments.”

Here are three of the less-obvious reasons you should consider replacing your garage door:

You have kids now. Your older garage door does not have the same safety features as modern makes, including the built-in feature that reduces the risk of tiny fingers getting pinched while the garage opens or closes. Newer doors must also be designed to reverse automatically if they make contact with an object while closing. This could just as easily be a toddler as a bike someone forgot to put away.

You’re working on curb appeal. Along with making those strange noises and jerky motions when it tries to open or shut, an older garage door can look unappealing. If you’re in the market to sell a home or just want to keep up its value, consider a new garage door. A new version in a modern style or modern colors can add eye appeal to the garage and the whole piece of real estate. You might also want to consider replacing your door if the style no longer fits with other upgrades you’ve made to your home’s exterior.

You could use more insulation. According to This Old House, anyone who lives in a three- or four-season climate and has a garage attached to their house should look into exchanging an old garage door  for an insulated model. This is also important if you’ve created a finished living space, like a mother-in-law apartment, over the garage. Along with saving on heating and AC bills, an insulated garage door can dampen noise.

If any of these reasons have placed you in the market for a new garage door, we’d love to help you find one that fits your needs. Contact Missouri Door and Dock and let’s get started.