4 Alternative Uses for Your Garage (Besides Parking Your Car)

With their cement floors, utilitarian walls, and exposed rafters, most home garages seem to scream, “All work and no play!” But that doesn’t have to be the case. If you have an extra garage or an unused garage space, why not think outside the box and have a little fun? Here are four ideas for some unique ways to put that empty garage to good use.

  1. Man Cave

Every guy needs a place to unwind, put his feet up, and entertain his buddies. Add in a throw rug, a comfy couch, a pool table, and a big screen TV and you’ll have the perfect blend of rustic and cozy. A mini fridge and a wet bar can provide the beer and nachos, and there will be no reason to have to miss a minute of the big game.

  1. Arcade

Just like a man cave, an arcade can be a fun gathering place, but for a different kind of relaxation. Family and friends with a competitive streak will have a blast trying to beat each others’ high scores in your garage-turned-game room. Add in a few vending machines to complete the experience and you’ll be surprised at how many hours of fun your garage will provide.

  1. Hobby Heaven

Do you have a hobby that’s been sitting in boxes in your attic for years? Whether it’s model trains, arts and crafts, or a collection of sports memorabilia, your garage might just be that perfect space you need to start finding your passion again. Need a place for that perfect workshop? A garage is a blank slate that you can easily design to fit your needs. Just add some shelving and a table or two and you can get started on unpacking those boxes and creating your own hobby heaven.

  1. Gym

With hectic schedules, there’s rarely enough time to get to the gym these days. But with your home garage, your gym can be just steps away. Exposed rafters provide easy access for installing climbing ropes and pull-up bars, and cement floors are a sturdy surface for treadmills, weights, and other heavy equipment. Add a few mats and a mini fridge for refreshment, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle in no time.

At Missouri Door and Dock we can help you find even more creative solutions to turn your garage into something great while still keeping the option of turning it back into a garage when needed, or when it’s time to sell your home. Contact us today to find out more.