Commercial Garage Doors

At Missouri Door and Dock, we have plenty of options for business owners. Not only do we provide residential garage doors, but commercial as well. We realize how important it is for commercial garage doors to be working correctly. Your door helps protect the rest of your business! With this knowledge, we have chosen the top of the line garage doors for our commercial door options. To learn more about our commercial garage door options, check out below.

Commercial Garage Doors

We are confident that our line of chosen commercial garage doors will meet the needs of your business. Here are a few of our popular garage doors that will look great for your business.

Amarr Commercial Sectional Doors

These doors offer a wide range of high-quality, LEED qualified, sustainable products to meet the needs of architects, specifiers, and building professionals. These doors can be fitted with a variety of view glass options, solid aluminum, perforated or louvered ventilation panels. Full view panels can also be used in Amarr sectional steel doors. These commercial sectional doors compliment service stations, car washes, firehouses, restaurants, and sports complexes exceptionally well. You can choose from a variety of panel designs, steel colors, window options, and aluminum section options. In other words, this line of doors has a ton of options to meet your location’s needs.

Heavy-Duty 2″ Insulated Sectional Door

This option features heavy-duty solid steel construction. Two tough steel skins and an advanced four-step insulation system make this a durable and robust alternative.

Medium-duty 1-3/8″ Insulated Sectional Door

Solid commercial construction meets variety and style. This door comes with two 27-gauge steel skin surrounding CFC-free polystyrene. This door also includes a four-step insulation system, including tongue and groove construction.

2″ Ribbed Panel Steel Sectional Door

Amarr2″ ribbed panel steel sectional doors are the industry workhorses and our most versatile door models. These open-back commercial steel doors are available in a variety of steel gauges and feature tongue and groove construction. In addition, it includes the bottom weather seal to guard against the elements.

Energy Efficient Polyurethane Insulated Sectional Doors

These doors are top of the line high R-value doors and create a strong monolithic panel that is energy efficient. The skin of this door provides a perfection option for heavy industrial applications. Each model is secured with standard 14-gauge galvanized steel hinges. In other words, this door is sturdy and energy-efficient!

Amarr SuperFlex

Amarr SuperFlex is the answer to lower door section damage, which is common in today’s busy warehouses. As a result, these doors reduce lower door section damage, reduce maintenance costs, and provide excellent UV resistance.

Amarr Knockout Doors

These doors are impactable industrial dock doors. They’re considered the most versatile and cost-effective for facilities with moderate panel damage, moderate to severe track damage, and budget sensitivities.

If you would like to learn more about the type of doors we carry, check out Missouri Door and Dock. At Missouri Door and Dock, we pride ourselves on our many years of experience in the industry and setting high standards for garage doors. In addition, we provide options for both residential and commercial locations because we strive to meet all our customers’ standards. Visit us online here or call us at (314) 795-3184 to learn more!