Common Garage Door Issues

There are many common garage door issues an owner might come across. In the lifetime of owning a home, there’s no guarantee a garage door will be in perfect condition for decades. Therefore, keep an eye out for these common issues. This can save homeowners a significant amount of money and headache.

The garage door is opening by itself.

Checking your transmitter is the perfect first step because interference can cause the door to open unexpectedly. This interference can come from the location of the device. If objects inside the garage are pressing against the transmitter and causing it to go off randomly, moving those objects out of the way can make a huge difference. If that’s not the case, a neighbor’s transmitter could be affecting the door as well, so asking a neighbor can be beneficial before looking into hiring expert help.

Hesitating garage door

Garage doors that don’t work are annoying, primarily when they only work to the halfway point. This issue can come from one of the safety features that will prevent objects from being squished by the door’s path. If the sensor is triggered, cleaning the garage door might be able to solve this problem. Many types of debris can get stuck in the track rollers or mess with the sensors.

The garage door will not open at all.

A garage door that won’t respond at all can feel deflating. Confusion may begin to form as you wonder what exactly is stopping the door from opening. One place to look is at the torsion springs. Look up an example online of how they should look and compare them to the ones on your door. If they’re not working correctly, calling an expert is the best solution since these springs can cause severe injury or even death if mishandled.

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