How To Create a Childproof Garage

One of your top priorities as a parent with small children is to secure your home so that it’s a safe environment for them. Taking some time to safeguard the paths of interest that curious young minds and little hands find to occupy themselves can prevent injuries and accidents. Securing your home should also extend to the garage, where there many dangers for little ones. Below are some tips and tricks to help make sure you have a childproof garage.

How Safe Is My Garage for My Children?

Vehicles, outdoor supplies, chemicals, and concrete floors are all components that add to possible risks for children. It’s necessary to first look at the current state of your garage to determine how you need to clean it up and securely store any possible dangers, making for a childproof garage.

Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Garage’s Safety

Custom Door & Gate recommends taking an inventory of your garage before looking for ways to childproof it. Some ideas they include are as follows:

1) Are the tools and chemicals easily reachable by my child?

2) Are household and gardening tools, pet food, and garbage in a secured area?

3) Is my garage cluttered with items we don’t need or use? Do needed items need to be better organized?

4) Is the garage floor clean and well maintained?

5) Are parked vehicles locked?

6) Are the door and window locks thoughtfully secured to keep my child from entering or leaving without my knowledge?

How Should I Childproof My Garage?

Once you’ve done an inventory, you’ll have a better idea of which direction to take to create a childproof garage. Some ideas for creating a safer environment include the following:

1) Keep dangerous items out of the reach of your children. Although some more inquisitive children will find chairs or stools to climb up onto counters and such, it’s important to be aware of all possibilities. Place chemicals in high places and lock them up if at all possible. Maintain tools in a locked cabinet or tool chest.

2) Declutter your garage. Creating a safe and secure place for everything you store in your garage is really the first step in keeping it a safer environment for your children. It also cuts down on your stress by not having to search for the items you need.

3) Use double locks on your doors and windows. Make sure that there’s another lock that’s higher up than your child’s reach so they can’t easily open and leave without you knowing.

How Do I Make My Garage Door Safe?

The garage door opener may seem like a toy to your children. It’s entertaining to click on the opener and watch the door go up and down. To alleviate any potential problems, like your children getting caught in the door or its parts, make sure you keep the opener in a secure place.

Is It Time to Update My Garage Door?

Technology is always improving, and you would be surprised at some of the new ways garage doors are more secure. Give us a call if you’d like to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff at Missouri Door.