How to Fix a Dented Garage Door

Problems with the garage door are one of the biggest problems that homeowners face. A badly dented garage door will lower a homes curb appeal, which in-turn will bring the value of the property down. Dents can also affect the structure of the garage and may make the home unsafe. A large dent will almost always need to be repaired by a professional. Smaller dents can be fixed with a little time and know how. There are two ways to fix a dented garage door with materials that may already be around your house. They are:

Fix Number 1

Materials: fine grain sandpaper, materials for patching, paint, primer, putty knife, rubber mallet, and a wooden block.

  • Use detergent and warm water to wash the area. Allow it to dry.
  • Using the wooden block and the mallet tap the dent until it evens out.
  • Using the sandpaper, sand the area to even it out.
  • Take the patching material and putty knife and use them to cover and even out the dent. Allow it to dry, before sanding it down.
  • Cover with primer, paint once dry.

Fix Number 2

Materials: Aluminum, compressed air and heat.

  • Wash the area with detergent and warm water and let dry.
  • Place a strip of aluminum over the dent.
  • Heat the aluminum with the heat source.
  • Once a minute has passed remove the foil and spray the dent with a upside down the air compressor for about thirty seconds.

It is important to remember that the methods described above to repair a dented garage door may not always work 100%. Some dents will require a call to a professional. When this happens, call our team of skilled professionals, at Missouri Door & Dock. We will advise you of the best solution after diagnosing the issue, and give you a quote. Once you have picked us to fix your garage door, we will send out technicians with the experience and skills to get the job done fast. For more information or to schedule a repair, please contact us.