Four Garage Door Safety Tips

Thousands of people sustain garage door related injuries annually, according to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance Survey (NEISS). As both the heaviest and largest moving parts of most homes, it’s important to operate garage doors safely and make sure they’re well-maintained. To help keep you and your family safe from potential injuries, here are some garage door safety tips.

Safety Sensors

The safety sensors on a garage door are connected to the rails at about six inches from the ground. If any person or animal attempts to cross beneath the garage door as it’s closing, the sensors will cause the garage door to reverse direction and open. You can test these sensors by placing an object such as a brick or tool in front of the sensor before closing the door. If the sensor is working properly, the door should immediately stop and reverse.

Hide Remotes

If you have any children who might be tempted to play with your garage door remote, make sure it’s hidden. If the transmitter is wall-mounted, keep the remote out of reach of smaller children. Keeping remotes out of reach can protect your children in the long run.

Don’t Share Your Password

Today’s garage door technology makes it easier than ever to keep your password hidden from unauthorized parties. If you are expecting deliveries while away from home, many openers allow you to set a user-specific or one-time code. Many apps also enable you to remotely open and close the door from any location.

Keep Children Away

Many kids love to play with garage doors by holding on to the handles as it opens until they lift off the ground. They may also want to touch the panels as the garage door opens or shits, which can result in injuries if the hand gets caught in the joints between panels. Teach your children to avoid these habits and make it clear that the garage door isn’t a toy.

Taking all of these tips into consideration can help prevent accidents and injuries. If your garage door is malfunctioning and you’re worried about your family’s safety, repair or replace your garage door. Contact us for some of the most reliable professional garage door services anytime you need us.