Keep Your Home Safe from Garage Door Hazards

Your garage door is the largest door in your home and it is usually seen from the street. A two-car garage with one door is usually standard with most homes. You may have a three or four car garage with more than one door and each opens separately. You want your home safe from garage door hazards and add curb appeal to your home. An old garage door can create a variety of problems if it is not in good condition.

Springs, Cables, and Rollers

The garage door opens and closes with a complex counterweight, balance, and spring system. Check the springs, cables, struts, and rollers each month. Old springs and struts that creak when the door opens need to be oiled and they may need to be replaced before they break. They age with continued use with or without a remote opening system.

The nine-foot-wide garage door probably weighs at least 140 pounds and a two-car garage door usually weighs about 240 pounds. You do not want that door crashing down on top of you, your car or anything that is in the way if the old, rusty parts break.

The rollers must be round, not worn down with edges. They must remain in the shaft. Loose rollers must be replaced immediately.

Nuts and Bolts

These become loose, rusty, and cause squeaks with age. The bolts and screws hold the struts, rollers, tracks, hinges, and springs in place. They need to be replaced occasionally.

Electronic Controls

Test your remote garage door opener and the electronic motor monthly. The auto reversal system should lift the door if it touches any object other than the ground. This is a major safety feature with most electronic doors. The door should open and close smoothly without pounding on the ground.

Do not lower the door part way. It should be completely open or closed.

Garage door repairs should be made by professionals trained to work with this system of weights and balances. Missouri Door and Dock is ready to replace or repair your garage doors so they remain free of garage door hazards.