Why a New Garage Door is a Good Investment

If you’re looking for a home improvement project with a “bang for your buck” vibe, consider installing a new garage door. A new garage door is one of the most profitable home upgrades you can make, with a return on investment of 97.5%.

Here are four reasons why a new garage door is a good investment.

Increase Curb Appeal

You’ll give your home a whole new look with a new garage door. With a wide selection of colors, materials, and styles available, you’re sure to find a new garage door that will bring out the best in your exterior. You’ll improve your curb appeal and impress potential buyers.

Reduced Utility Bills

If you have an attached garage, the temperature of the garage will affect the temperature inside your house. With a new, insulated garage door, you can lower your heating and cooling costs. The garage will stay cool during summer and warm during winter. Not only will your home stay comfortable, but you’ll also get more use from your garage. You can use it as a work area or an additional storage space.

Security and Safety

Your home will be more secure with a new garage door installed. New garage doors come equipped with modern safety features. You can install a garage door opener with a revolving code, making break-ins more difficult. With a “smart” door, you can even monitor your garage while you’re away from home.

Lower Repair Costs

An older garage door is more likely to need repairs than a new garage door. A new door will also come with a warranty, meaning that any repair costs will be covered. By installing a new garage door, you’ll save money and time on repairs. Remember to schedule an annual inspection to keep your new door in excellent condition.

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