The garage door is one of the largest mechanical structures in homes, yet it’s the most ignored. A poorly maintained door could put your property in danger and expose your family to safety hazards. Luckily, there aren’t a lot of steps to take when maintaining the garage door. Here you will learn some of the basic garage door maintenance tips that will improve the appearance of the door, extend its durability, and protect your valuables.

Clean the door

Garage doors are usually susceptible to atmospheric corrosion, especially in parts of the state with high levels of salinity in the air. Also, the dust and grime that accumulates on the door over time can make it look old and unappealing. Cleaning the garage door prevents climate based wear and tear and preserves its appearance. Just get some mild cleaning solution or dishwashing liquid and a sponge. Scrub the interior and exterior door thoroughly and rinse with clean water. Do this once or twice a month to keep the door looking new and aesthetically appealing.

Lubricate regularly

A garage door has moving components which include the rollers, openers, hinges, and brackets. These parts require regular lubrication to operate quietly and efficiently. Lack of lubrication causes the components to grind against each other when in motion, and this can cause rust and premature wear. Invest in quality door lubrication and use it on the moving parts. When lubricating the opener, you can check your manual for lubrication points and recommended frequency.

Inspect basic parts

Regular garage door maintenance is necessary if you want to maintain a safe garage door. If parts of the door malfunction, they can pose a safety hazard in your home. For example, a faulty sensor can cause the door to close unexpectedly and smash your car or equipment. Regularly inspect the parts to ensure that they are working correctly.

  • Test the sensors to ensure that they can detect something placed on the door’s path and stop it from closing. The sensors should respond immediately.
  • Check the springs and high-tension cables that lift your door. Make sure that they are working correctly and are not worn.
  • Observe the door as it opens and closes to ascertain that it is not coming off the tracks.
  • Inspect the weatherstripping and look out for wear and tear.
  • If your door has any wooden parts, look out for water damage, warp, or peeling paint.

Contact a garage door specialist if you notice any problems with the door components. Do not attempt DIY repairs as you could end up causing more damage.

Use your ears

Preventive garage door maintenance calls for listening to how the door is operating. Since it is a mechanical structure, you can identify unusual sounds as you open and close the door. Is it jerking in places or it’s moving smoothly? Are there grinding and scraping noises? These signs are usually an indication that the door needs a tune-up and repairs. You can identify and fix the problem before it causes extensive damage to other parts of the door.

Maintaining your garage door doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Contact us for consultation, tune-up services, and repairs.