6 Tips To Determine if You Need a Garage Door Repair

Summer and Fall are great times to service your commercial, industrial and residential overhead doors. Over the winter months freezing cold weather can damage the many fragile components that allow an overhead door to operate smoothly and efficiently. The results of cold harsh winters can loosen screws, damage springs and loosen weather-stripping. All of these small problems can lead to a big and expensive garage door repair when that overhead door stops working. Small repairs made now can save big bucks when that cold weather sets in again.

Tips to Determine if  You Need a Garage Door Repair:

  1. Observe your garage door in action and check for grinding or scraping noises and jerky movements.
  2. Check for loosened hardware that can easily result in operational problems or shut down.
  3. Is the door properly balanced? Garage door spring adjustment is best left to the professionals.
  4. Worn, chipped or cracked rollers should be replaced as soon as possible.
  5. Weather seal that is brittle or cracked needs to be replaced to keep the elements out.
  6. High-tension cables are a safety issue and need to be checked and replaced if necessary.

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Now is the right time to allow our professional team to inspect and repair your doors. Servicing your doors at this time of the year will result in repair and replacement savings down the road. Missouri Door and Dock provides quality and dependable servicing of commercial and industrial doors and docks in addition to residential garage doors and openers. Servicing the greater St. Louis area for over 15 years, Missouri Door and Dock has provided professional service, built strong customer relationships and become a premier company within the door/dock industry. Give us a call at 314-795-3184 or contact us via email. We offer fast, reliable 24-hour service.