Should I Replace Both Garage Door Springs or Just One?

It is a common question when a garage door springs break. Should you replace just the one or both? If your garage has extension springs, it is always a good idea to replace both if one fails. The old spring is weaker and will just not perform as well. If you only replace the one, it will typically result in the door becoming crooked or even jamming. With torsion springs, the recommendation is to replace both, but it is not as critical. A torsion spring can work well if one is new and the other is old.

Be that as it may, the lifespan of all garage door springs tends to be fairly consistent. This could mean that the second spring has a good chance of failing within a very short period. Consequently, replacing both springs at the same time will save you money in the long run. Two service calls are always more expensive than just one. Moreover, a visual inspection cannot predict how long the second garage door spring will last. So, it is highly possible that the older spring will need to be replaced in just a few months.

What if you have a single spring system? Garage doors that use a single spring can place added stress on the other components. If your single door system fails, consider switching to a dual spring system. Utilizing two springs creates more balance and helps with even lifting. This added support will help reduce a lot of stress. Moreover, if one spring does eventually fail, you will have a much easier time opening your garage. It is very difficult opening a garage door when a single spring system fails.

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