Garage Door Style Options to Consider

Investing in a new garage door offers homeowners an opportunity to add great style and curb appeal to their home’s exterior. As they go about the process of selecting the perfect garage door style for their home, there are several factors homeowners will want to consider. Garage doors are typically part of a home’s exterior landscape for decades, so it’s important to weigh all the factors before deciding to invest in one particular door.

Windows or Privacy

Some homeowners prefer their garage door to be one solid piece rather than one that offers a series of windows. These homeowners like the increased privacy that come with windowless garage doors, along with that extra feeling of security, knowing that no one can try to gain entrance to the home by way of a garage window.

Other homes may have few or no windows at all on their garage walls, leaving a garage door that offers windows, as their only option of receiving any natural light into their garage.

Blend In or Add a Pop of Color

Some homeowners like the idea of adding a pop of color to their home’s exterior through a boldly-colored garage door. Other homeowners prefer to have their garage door blend into the overall color scheme of their home’s exterior. Either way, it is important to consider how the color of the garage door will look with a home’s exterior walls, along with the trim, gutters, etc.


Although a person might fall in love with a particular garage door style, if their home’s exterior style is vastly different, the door will detract rather than add to the curb appeal of their home. It’s better to try to fit the style of the door to the home’s current style rather than making too dramatic of a change.

Some homes may have a garage that houses two or even three different doors. For those who have just one door to replace, they should ideally match the new garage door to their current doors. If it isn’t possible to match all the garage doors, the homeowner might want to consider replacing all the doors at once.

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