Why the Garage Door Replaced the Front Door

There are so many advantages a garage door offers homeowners. It’s no surprise that an attached garage is the most sought after feature requested during the home buying process. A garage protect the owners and the garage contents from the elements. Homeowners have also learned that coming in from the outdoors is often a messy business too. Here are several reasons why home buyers, as well as homeowners, sincerely appreciate everything a garage and garage door has to offer.

Keep Clutter Outside

Families that mainly use their front door as the entrance to their home invariably must make room for things.  A substantial amount of space for shoes, coats, sports equipment, and other things is needed. In many cases, there isn’t enough nearby closet space to hold all the outdoor contents of an entire family. Shoes, coats, and other items are often left strewn across the floor or the nearest chair.

In contrast, a garage provides a great space to contain all the items that most families regularly transport to and from their homes. It’s easy to offer storage shelves, bins for sports equipment, and a place to hang coats, scarves, etc. inside a garage. A garage also provides the perfect spot to take off dirty shoes and boots, thus preventing family members from tracking in dirt, bacteria, chemicals, and pollen into interior parts of the home.

Protection from the Elements

Hands down, the number one reason why most people love a garage, and a garage door opener is that it allows them to steer clear of the elements while they are transitioning from the home to their vehicle. Keeping your car in a garage means a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning because vehicle windows have protection from the ice and snow. An automatic garage door is also great in the summertime when a person can unload all the groceries from their vehicle without encountering a single raindrop during a torrential thunderstorm.

Those that only have a front door are always vulnerable to weather elements. Not to mention, transporting anything between a vehicle and the home is uncomfortable at best and potentially hazardous.

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