How To Pick New Garage Paint Color

When it comes to picking a paint color for the interior of your garage, you must do your research before just choosing any color. Here are three things to keep in mind.

Consider Your Lighting Needs 

Depending on what you regularly use your garage for, lighting is essential to you. A great color to paint your garage walls and ceiling, if brightness is crucial for you, is white. White does a fantastic job of reflecting any light that enters the garage, thus creating a bright, open space. This is perfect if you do detailed work in your garage and need this light to get the job done correctly.

Think Of How Clean Your Garage Is 

While white is excellent for reflecting light, it also shows dirt and dust very well. If your garage is a space often exposed to the elements, then white is not the color. Instead, go with a tan, gray, or light brown color. These colors are neutral, so they provide decent lighting. In addition, they hide some of the dirt and dust that you simply can’t avoid.

Keep Your Exterior In Mind 

While the interior of your garage doesn’t need to be the same color as your garage door and exterior paint color, it’s still important that these colors don’t clash. Finding colors that contrast well, but always complement each other, is an excellent approach. For example, if the exterior is brown and your garage door is gray, then white or off-white would be great color choices for your garage’s interior.

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