Impact Doors: Are they a Surer Form of Insurance?

An impact door is designed to withstand solid knocks and remain intact even when a considerable force is applied. The glass panes on impact doors are specialty glass that can withstand a high impact without breaking. Because of these considerations, they are the perfect solution for both storm protection and protection from burglary.

Most homeowners think about the safety and security of their garage door. However, because the garage door is the house’s first line of defense against infiltration from criminals and potential storm damage, you must invest in a garage door that is capable of defending your property.

Why Impact Doors?

Impact doors are an investment for protecting your house. Frames are strengthened to stop forced break-ins, and glass panes on all door designs include an inner layer that stops the glass from breaking and flying inside the house. Impact glass also absorbs sound and may greatly minimize everyday external noises such as barking dogs and traffic.

Fortunately, impact doors are designed to endure high winds, rain, and the force of flying missiles without being damaged. They will help protect you and your property even in storms with more than 100 mph winds.

Installing these doors does not necessarily mean sacrificing aesthetics. They are available in sliding, hinged, and multi-slide versions to fit your home’s décor and provide you with more options. Whatever type of material you select for your door has undergone comprehensive testing for air and water filtration as well as structural performance.

Another advantage is protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. These are considerably decreased when impact doors are put in your house since they prevent the effects of the ultra-violet rays on you and your property.

Many impact doors feature high-performance Low-E coatings that limit heat transmission and assist in keeping a house at a pleasant temperature all year. Therefore, it may considerably limit heat transmission within your home, keeping you comfortable while lowering your energy expenditure.

Final Thoughts

Impact garage doors have proven to be a wise purchase. While they may increase energy efficiency and property value, they also cut insurance costs and provide a valuable sense of security