Impact Doors For Commercial Locations

An impact door, also known as a double acting or swinging door, is a door that can open two different directions. These doors are generally installed side by side so that the two doors are touching, and both doors can be used. There are so many reasons why impact doors are a great investment for your commercial location and three of these reasons will be discussed here.

Impact Doors Provide A Noise And Climate Barrier

One excellent reason to invest in an impact door for your commercial location is because it provides an excellent noise and climate barrier between two different locations. This is perfect for separating an area where your customers are and the area where your employees are because it helps to control the sound that goes between the two. These doors are also great for a walk-in fridge or freezer because they help to regulate the temperature in the fridge or freezer.

Impact Doors Are Great For Traffic Flow

Impact doors are also great for traffic flow, which is very important at most commercial locations. Since the doors are able to swing in either direction, people can easily come in or out of them from either side. This is great for busy locations, such as restaurants, where you constantly have employees coming back and forth into the kitchen, and you need an effective way for them to keep traffic flowing.

You Have Many Design Options

Lastly, when it comes to impact doors, you have several design options to choose from. You can choose what size and shape of windows you’d like to be installed in the doors, what material you’d like the doors to be made out of, what type of insulation features you’d like on the top and bottoms of the door, and more. This helps you to personalize the door to meet your needs.

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