A New Garage Door Can Be Your Key To Energy Efficiency

When looking for ways to make our homes more energy efficient, we often overlook the garage. While opening and closing the door does use some power, it is not significant. The hot and cold air lost due to a poorly performing door will really put a strain on your energy. This is why thermal breaks and good weatherseals are so important. If you decide a new garage door is an investment you want to make, be sure to check on a few important things.

Thermal Breaks

When the sections of your door come together, they need to have a seal to secure the insulation. In older garage doors, it is common to find sheets of metal and screws doing the job. The problem with this is that it allows for too much heat transfer. Thermal breaks are a better option, because they provide a weatherproof barrier on both sides of the door. It will be made of a material that prevents the metals from touching to keep a better maintained temperature.

End Blocks

The section end blocks in garage doors keep the insulation where it needs to be. So which blocks are a better option: metal or wood? The downfall to the metal choice is that metal transfers heat. Because of the way the wood blocks are manufactured, they are by far a better bet. Simply stated, wood does not transfer heat. It can be sealed with polyurethane or other products for an additional layer of protection.


When it comes to weather stripping, the type of material used is important. PVC will harden over time and ultimately break down, allowing outside air to seep in and out. There are other materials available to use as well, such as rubber and plastic. The important thing to ensure is that it can withstand steep hot and cold temperatures. This will prevent it from cracking and provide longer lasting protection.

If you are interested in having a new garage door installed, contact us today for all of your needs. We will be happy to walk you through the process and answer all of your questions.