Our Different Types of Gates

Missouri Door and Dock is known for our garage door service, but what some people don’t know is that we service gates too. A gate is an excellent addition to any property. Here are our gates and the gate openers we offer at Missouri Door and Dock.


Our gates can be easily controlled from anywhere you have internet access too. This makes our gates extremely versatile and beneficial to home and business owners. Here are the most popular gates we offer.

GA+ Barrier Arm

This gate has an LED lighting built into the arm to help prevent gate accidents. Bright red lights shine when the arm is down and bright green for when the arm is up. This provides better visibility for drivers, bikers, and pedestrians. This type of gate is offered in 8 to 17-inch lengths, either single or double-sided. It is programmable and works with any gate opener. The mounting brackets have a breakaway design that’s available for most models of operators.

GA+ Swing and Slide

The Swing and Slide gate dramatically reduces accidents by increasing your gate’s visibility. This gate also has attached LED safety lights. It shines red when closed, flashing red when moving, and green when fully opened. This makes pulling in during the night much safer and easier. This gate is easy to install and the LED lights can be mounted vertically on the edges or entry posts. In addition to being horizontally placed on the bottom edges for indirect lighting effects. There are different sizes for this kit!

GA Heavy Gates

The Heavy Gate kit lights up dark areas at night, in turn, increasing gate visibility for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Heavy gates can become dangerous, so it’s extremely important the gates are properly lit for all to see. The LED strips are red when closed, flashing red when moving, and green when fully opened. This gate is weatherproof and extremely durable. It also comes with multiple mounting options for easy installation!

GA Folding Arm 

This LED illuminated folding barrier gate is designed to fold in the middle, which is ideal for low overhead environments like garages. The gate is available in three different height options, single or double-sided. It’s made with tough industrial-grade LED light strips and has a versatile LED controller. This gate should be used inside buildings where lighting is low.

If you would like to learn more about our gates and the types of operators we offer, visit Missouri Door and Dock. At Missouri Door and Dock, we offer a variety of services. To learn more about them please visit us online here today!