Residential Garage Doors: Various Styles

Residential garage doors are typically significant features for most homes. As a result, there’s little doubt that you’ll want to pick wisely when replacing or installing one.

Look over this article to discover more about the most prevalent types of residential garage doors.

Side-Hinged Residential Garage Doors

Most individuals chose side-hinged garage doors with limited headroom. It’s an old-fashioned door with a hinged frame on either side of the aperture that opens and closes. This form resembles enormous barn doors and is typically constructed of wood, but commercial galvanized steel doors are also available.


For driveway designs, the sectional garage door is the most popular option. It usually has high-tension springs to keep the door from falling down when it isn’t fully opened. Furthermore, they give full opening drive-through width, allowing for bigger vehicles such as MPVs. This garage door allows you to maximize the space within and outside the garage.


Although roll-up garage doors are popular in commercial settings, they are equally used in households. This design features steel slat parts that revolve around a drum above the door opening.

Carriage Residential Garage Doors

Carriage garage doors are typically paneled to resemble carriage-style doors for a traditional appearance. These garage doors normally swing open, providing the extra interior area. This style may appeal to you because of its appearance, notably the double line of fitted windows.

Slide to Slide Residential Garage Doors

As the name implies, this style works by leaning to one side of the garage and lying parallel to the wall. This garage door style was one of the earliest to be developed, and it was originally used in garages with limited headroom. Slide-to-slide garage doors have the advantage of being flexible enough to deal with small ceiling slopes. They also feature a retractable motor built-in for automated operation.

All these styles may appear appealing, making it difficult for you to choose. Besides, other associated factors like costs and durability significantly affect the choice of your residential garage doors. With our team of experts, you can make your residential garage door one of the most beautiful features of your homestead. Consider contacting us for assistance.