The Smart Garage: Control Away from Home

Houses are filling up with gadgets, robots, and interconnected apps to make people’s lives more comfortable and convenient. From thermostats you can program to adjust for the weather to buttons you can push to automatically have toilet paper ordered and delivered, many of our daily routines are changing. Overall, we’re expected to remember and do less, and the smart homes are expected to do more.

Until recently, most of the focus on smart homes has been at the front door or the interior. Garages, however, are getting a smart makeover.

In some ways, garage doors were pioneers in the smart home movement. When automatic lifters came onto the scene and kept people from having to get out of their cars to get into their garages, the devices were heralded as the convenience of the future. In fact, Popular Science wrote about the wonders of garage doors in a 1946 issue and placed them next to other newfound conveniences like Christmas tree stands and adjustable picture frames.

Today’s smart garages do more than simply open the door at the push of a button. In fact, many models of smart garages mean you don’t have to push a button at all. The door can automatically open when you arrive and automatically close after you leave, sending you a text message when the task is complete. Integrated smart home systems mean, as this happy smart garage user explains, that lights can automatically come on and your house door can automatically unlock when you pull up to your home, all without you lifting a finger.

One of the primary reasons for converting to a smart garage is security. As this CNET review explains, smart garages will alert their users when the door has been opened or when the door has been left open for too long. Since users can close it with the touch of a button, this prevents the nagging question in the back of your mind of whether you remembered to close the door. You can go about your day knowing your home is secure.

If you’re ready to look into a smart garage for added safety and peace of mind, contact us today to discuss options.