How to Test a Garage Door Sensor For Safety

If your garage door opens automatically, it’s wise to test the unit’s obstruction sensor every month. This safety device causes the door to stop and reopen when it hits something while closing. The sensor can prevent severe injuries, especially if you have any kids or pets. It could also stop the edge from damaging a vehicle, wheelbarrow, or lawnmower.


The testing process is relatively simple. Put an item in the doorway that the door will strike when it closes. Choose something unimportant like an empty cardboard box. Next, press the button on the opener’s remote control. Your garage door ought to quickly reverse direction rather than crushing the object.

If it passes this test, you can remove the obstacle and take this task off your to-do list until next month. Otherwise, you’ll need to figure out why the sensor eye isn’t working correctly. Inspect it carefully to see if it needs cleaning or exhibits any signs of damage.


There are many potential reasons why this safety feature might stop working. If you don’t see any sensor eyes, your door may have a pressure-sensitive edge instead. On the other hand, the equipment might not have any type of reversal system if it’s ancient. Consider replacing the electric opener in this situation.

Your equipment may have a short circuit or loose wiring. Another possibility is that the sensor eyes have become misaligned. It’s also feasible that one or more parts need replacement due to wear and tear or an accident. An automatic opener expert can accurately identify the exact cause for you.

If your equipment fails this test or lacks crucial safety features, our qualified technicians know how to solve the problem conveniently and affordably. Please contact us for prompt expert assistance with any opener or door issue.