What to Do If Garage Door Remote Batteries Die

At some point, your garage door might not open when you enter or leave the home. Multiple mechanisms operate a garage door to allow it to raise and lower. A variety of reasons can cause the garage door to no longer work. One of the most suspected reasons is dead batteries in the transmitter. This is an easy repair for any garage door professional. Here’s how to determine if your batteries are dead, and what to do next!

Determining Dead Batteries

Other components in a garage door system are built to last and shouldn’t require frequent replacements. Unfortunately, incidents happen. It is likely you’ll need to replace the batteries in your garage door remote at some point The remote is a helpful tool when it comes to the garage. It allows you to quickly open the garage without having to leave your car.  Fortunately, garage door remotes are fairly popular. Many garage door remotes either us a 1.5-volt alkaline battery or a lithium-ion battery. Both batteries require replacements once around every two years.

Common signs of a dead battery

  1. The door gets stuck – If the door fails to open or close after you press the button on the remote, take note. If other opening mechanisms work, this could indicate that the remote’s batteries are dead.
  2. Remote sometimes works – If the remote only works occasionally, this could indicate a weak signal. A weak signal can steam from dying batteries.
  3. Other remotes and wall-mounts work – If one of your remotes doesn’t work and you have multiple openers, try other remotes in other vehicles or the wall-mounted openers in or outside the garage. If these other systems work, this also indicates a problem with the remote’s batteries.

Replacing Garage Door Remote Batteries

Remote batteries for garage door openers are easy to replace. You can simply remove the backing of the remote where the batteries are installed using a sliding mechanism or screwdriver to loosen any screws. Once opened, you remove the existing batteries and insert new ones. Then test the machine to ensure that the remote itself isn’t broken. If the remote works, you can now close the battery door and use the remote.

However, if you find that dead batteries aren’t the issue and you aren’t sure what’s behind your garage’s inability to operate properly, contact us today to determine what’s causing the problem. We’ll help you get your garage door back up and running with our professional services.